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PLGA microspheres

PLGA microspheres

Any commercially available PLGA can be processed into monodisperse microspheres by using microsieve™ technology.

We are experienced in processing PLGA of all types (variable lactide/glycolide ratio and inherent viscosity, pegylated, ester or acid terminated, etc.) into API loaded or unloaded microspheres through both single and double emulsion processing schemes. We work with polymers from all major suppliers, e.g. PURASORB® of Purac Biomaterials and RESOMER® of Boehringer Ingelheim as well as Expansorb® of PCAS and those supplied by Lakeshore™ and Lactel/Durect.

For research purposes we offer the placebo microspheres in the table below from stock but are always happy to discuss the supply of laboratory quantities of PLGA microspheres to your specification. Feel free to contact us to discuss all possibilities and options (other polymer types, other microsphere sizes, loading, larger quantities, etc).

  microsphere size
Polymer Brand Type 1um 5um 10um 20um 30um
PLGA PURASORB® PDLG 5004 1500€/gr 1250€/gr 1000€/gr 1000€/gr 1000€/gr
Price list of monodisperse PURASORB® PLGA 5004 microspheres made with Nanomi's microsieve™ emulsification technology. Particles are supplied freeze-dried together with a particle size analysis report.
SEM image showing monodisperse plga microspheres
SEM image of monodisperse PLGA microspheres made with microsieve™ emulsification technology.
Particle size distribution monodisperse plga microspheres
Typical particle size distribution of monodisperse PLGA microspheres made with microsieve™ emulsification technology.
Please contact us to discuss the possibilities of Nanomi's microsieve™ emulsification and spray dry technology