Unique in Uniformity.
Monodisperse emulsification technology

Nanomi develops microsieve™ emulsification technology for the production of precisely defined functional emulsions, and micro and nanospheres. These have various applications in the life sciences market, such as drug delivery and controlled release, diagnostics, molecular imaging and research and analysis.

Microsieve™ emulsification video

To demonstrate the microsieve™ emulsification technology take a look at our real-time movie of the production of monodisperse droplets by using microsieve emulsification (1.34MB).

Microsieve™ emulsification

In the microsieve™ emulsification process, monodisperse droplets are generated by dispersing one fluid into a second, immiscible fluid through a precise microsieve™, which has millions of tiny pores that are of the same size and shape. Since every pore is the same, every droplet generated by the membrane is the same, resulting in either highly uniform, reproducible and size-controlled droplets or, after an appropriate solidification step, particles.

A unique feature of the microsieve™ emulsification technology is the independence of the droplet size to the precise formulation, the size being solely determined by the membrane design. Compared to other conventional or membrane-based droplet and particle production methods, our technology offers several advantages such as:

Total control of droplet/particle size | Products with the required size and uniformity without process or formulation optimization.

No loss of valuable ingredients | No post process fractionation required due to total size control.

Robust, reproducible and stable in operation | he process is insensitive to fluidic and pressure conditions near the membrane surface.

Straightforward scalability | Scalable to any volume by increasing the number of pores of the microsieve™, or by adding more microsieves™ to the process.

Highly efficient encapsulation | Each droplet is formed individually, at negligible imposed shear and pressure. The small pore to droplet diameter ratio allows for the encapsulation of relatively large nanoparticles.

Microsieve™ membranes

The heart of the microsieve™ emulsification technology is a silicon membrane that is fabricated by precise semiconductor technology in a cleanroom environment. By means of photolithographic techniques excellent uniformity of pore size and shape is obtained in a highly reproducible way. Currently, microsieves™ for droplet and particle generation in the micron range are available. Microsieves ™ for nanoparticles are under development. The microsieves™ have a very high chemical and thermal resistance. They can be cleaned with a wide variety of cleaning agents, and can be sterilized.

Process compatibility

  • Solvent evaporation
  • Melt emulsification
  • Monomer emulsification
  • O/W, W/O, W/O/W, S/W/O and S/O/W systems
  • Large range of materials and solvents
  • Aggressive cleaning agents and methods, including autoclaving

Strong IP position

Nanomi's microsieve™ emulsification technology is protected by several patent applications and licences, and the company is continuously seeking to expand its patent portfolio.

  • optimal droplet/particle size
  • droplets 2 - 100 μm, particles 50nm - 150 μm
  • monodisperse: C.V. ≈ 5 %
  • reproducible, robust and scalable
  • encapsulation/double emulsions
  • large freedom in formulation
  • low shear and pressure
  • high chemical and thermal resistance
  • compatible with aseptic processing