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Magnetic Particles

Monodisperse magnetic particles

Composite magnetic particles (magnetic component+polymeric matrix) of tunable size and narrow particle size distribution can be obtained by means of microsieve emulsification. An oxide dispersion containing iron oxide like magnetite (Fe3O4) and a monomer (e.g. styrene) is emulsified through a microsieve™, obtaining monodisperse droplets. Subsequently, such droplets are polymerized into well-defined and monodisperse magnetic polymeric particles. The versatility of microsieve™ emulsification allows the use of different monomers and efficient magnetite encapsulation, as well as tunable magnetite content.

Magnetic polymer particles can be used in a great number of applications and therapies such as tumor targeting in drug delivery, medical imaging, diagnosis and analysis. These applications require a precise size and narrow size distributions so that better control and use are achieved. Nanomi has extensive experience in formulating magnetic microspheres for various applications.

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