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Monodispers microspheres

Besides applications in drug delivery, Nanomi provides expertise in the production of tailor-made, monodisperse and high-value emulsions and micro and nanospheres, for utilization in other applications such as diagnostics, molecular imaging and research and analysis. Within these applications, Nanomi can encapsulate gases, nanoparticles, colloids and other molecules that are relevant in the life sciences

Products developed for our customers

For leading companies in the life sciences market, Nanomi has recently developed various droplet and particle-based systems, such as lipid microspheres, fluorescent polyethylene and polystyrene monospheres, ultrasound contrast agents, colored magnetic microspheres, and biodegradable microspheres with encapsulated drugs.

Product examples

1| Monodisperse biodegradable polymeric microspheres for drug delivery.
2| Monodisperse fluorescent polymeric markers.
3| Monodisperse PLGA microspheres with encapsulated fluorescent protein.
4| Hollow biodegradable capsules.
5| Monodisperse microspheres with vitamine B12.
6| Monodisperse magnetic particles.

As an example of the emulsification process take a look at the real-time production of an emulsion containing monodisperse red fluorescent styrene droplets (1.56MB).

From intramuscular to intravascular (embolic) drug delivery: Nanomi's process can improve the monodispersity and reduce the particle size without changing the formulation:

Polydisperse microspheres

1| a Biodegradable polymeric microspheres fabricated by conventional technology (50 - 100 μm)

Monodisperse microspheres

1| b Biodegradable polymeric microspheres of the same formulation fabricated by microsieve™ emulsification (10 μm)

Red fluorescent monodisperse microspheres

2| Monodisperse fluorescent red polymeric markers (≈ 10μm)

Monodisperse PLGA microspheres with encapsulated fluorescent protein

3| Monodisperse PLGA microspheres with encapsulated fluorescent protein

Hollow biodegradable capsules

4| a Hollow biodegradable capsules after core-liquid removal

Microspheres with vitamine B12

5| Monodisperse microspheres with vitamine B12

Hollow biodegradable capsules

4| b Bursting fluid filled biodegradable capsule

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