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Technology for the future

Nanomi is a leader in the field of microsphere and nanoparticle manufacture and development of long-acting release medicines. The company earned this unique position by focusing not only on high-quality research, but also on the development of a pipeline of products based on its proprietary Microsieve technology, both in-house and in collaboration with partners.

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Unique in uniformity

Nanomi has developed a cutting-edge technology - the Microsieve technology - for the development of long-acting release medicines, a technology that offers unprecedented drug development potential for the future. The Microsieve technology is unique in that it guarantees production of medicines with uniform particle size, uniform particle shape and uniform biological properties. These properties safeguard precise dosing of the medicines over long periods of time. The technology is proven robust, scalable and cost effective, and is applicable to a myriad of pharmaceutical compounds. It represents an unprecedented potential in development of long-acting release medicines. With the Microsieve technology, Nanomi offers reliable solutions for complex challenges in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Our corporate parent Lupin limited

Lupin limited was founded in 1968 by Dr. Desh Bandhu Gupta. Together with an international team of passionate professionals, he transformed Lupin into a global pharmaceutical company. In 2014, Nanomi became a member of the Lupin group as the Lupin centre of excellence for the development of complex injectable long-acting release medicines. After more than fifty years, the legacy of Dr. Gupta - one of performance, values and public spiritedness - is still vivid.

Today, Lupin has operations in over 100 countries and is expanding its presence based on the culture of innovation, unyielding integrity and world-class operational excellence that Dr. Gupta pioneered. Nanomi connects with the identity of Lupin by making the Microsieve technology a differentiator to set world-class manufacturing standards and to focus on development of affordable high-quality medicines, especially in areas of unmet needs.

Our mission

The mission of Nanomi is to become the leader in the field of complex injectables through the development and introduction of a wide portfolio of branded and generic products in key markets.

Our vision

Nanomi is committed to bringing complex injectables to the healthcare professional, improving the health and well-being of individuals.

Our values

Logo Integrity

We conduct ourselves with uncompromising integrity and honesty and insist on the highest ethical standards and transparency from our employees in all interactions. Everything we do must stand public scrutiny.

Logo Integrity
Passion for excellence

We relentlessly pursue excellence through innovation and continuous improvement in all our projects, processes and products. To set our standards, we benchmark with the best in the world.

Logo Integrity

We align efforts and energies of our people across all levels and geographies to deliver outstanding results to our stakeholders. We encourage diverse opinions and yet work together in a coordinated and mutually supportive way.

Logo Integrity
Entrepreneurial spirit

We empower our employees to generate new ideas, explore avenues and offer solutions that add exceptional value. We encourage them to build ownership in all endeavours by assuming responsibility with passion and conviction.

Logo Integrity
Respect & care

We are compassionate and sensitive towards all our stakeholders and treat them the way we would expect to be treated. We provide equal and fair opportunity for employment, learning and career development.

Logo Integrity
Customer focus

We strive to understand and meet customer needs in a professional and responsive manner. We focus on building long term partnerships for mutual benefit and take responsibility for delivering on our commitment.

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