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Cutting-edge research and creativity have led to a development of a Microsieve, a revolutionary micro-filtration technology. Through use of precision photolithographic techniques from the semiconductor industry, uniform pores are etched into an ultra-thin ceramic chip to form a membrane. The pores have a perfectly controlled shape and size. Based on this highly controlled pore size and other parameters, well-defined preparations of droplets and particles can be generated. At full commercial scale. In an aseptic process. Under GMP. A great achievement.

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The Microsieve technology distinguishes itself through simplifying pivotal steps in the manufacturing of microspheres and nanoparticles, which makes production:

  • Reproducible: Total control of droplet & particle size, yielding products with the required size and uniformity without process or formulation optimization.
  • Economic: No loss of valuable ingredients, no post-process fractionation necessary.
  • Robust: The process is insensitive to fluidic and pressure conditions near the membrane surface and fit for many biodegradable polymers such as PLGA, PLLA, PLGA-PEG, PLGA-PCL, PMMA and PEG-PBT
  • Scalable: We have proven the scalability of the technology by bringing several aseptic production processes to full commercial scale – under GMP.
  • Versatile: Each droplet is formed individually at negligible imposed shear and pressure, making it suitable for encapsulation of a wide range of pharmaceutical compounds, including antibodies, hormones, small molecules and cytostatic compounds.

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